Saturday, 10 March 2012

2-2 Torquay (A) So close, yet so far...

Saturday afternoon, Rovers away, Gasplayer on.

You see, I always find it harder listening online; just waiting for the commentator’s voice to rise in tempo, shout and put a rovers players’ name upon the goal. 

As the commentators voice grew louder and quicker I looked up, catching Rene Howe’s name in the process, and as I bowed my head in frustration my dad started cheering downstairs, I rose to hear Matty Harrold’s name placed on the goal, his 12th of the season; the goal machine had claimed another!
What an improvement from the first half at Northampton.
And as the game progressed it seemed as if we were holding our own; against a Torquay team who’ve been up there all year.
When Chris Zebroski bursted through the Torquay backline there was only one ending. Against any other team you’d expect him to blast it high and wide but not against his old club.
The finish was sweet. Undoubtedly the best way to answer your critics and to silence the boo’s from the home crowd. Unbelievable . We were 2-0 up against a Torquay team who had recently been on an 8 match winning run.
But no sooner had I finished celebrating the goal, had Torquay gone down the other end and got a instant reply. Why Rovers? Why oh why? Can’t I just relax for the last 20minutes.
Having not worried us all game we now found ourselves on the back of a potential 2-0 deficit overturn. The attacks were relentless, each one causing my heart rate to spiral, Bevan guarding his goal well, oohs and ahhs reverberating around the ground.
Who else but Rene Howe to equalise… The man who looked like he struggled to run 90 minutes for us last season. How did he manage to score? Robbed. We’d let a 2 goal lead slip in the last minute of time.
The full time whistle went. Had it not been for a 2 goal lead, I’d be delighted with a 2-2 draw away to Torquay. I guess it wasn’t to be, despite playing well all match we couldn’t quite hold on for all 3 points.

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